Top 8 Ways To Make That Boy Like You

1. like every single thing he's ever posted on his Facebook account.  trust me, you may be tempted to skip that one status about that open mic night he hosted in 8th grade, but don't do it.  if you want him to like you, you need to show that you LIKE him!

2. don't skirt around the issue. just do his taxes. nothing says i'm into you like boosting him up into a new tax bracket ;^))

3. ruin every social tie he has, friend or otherwise. Then all his time will be free!!!

4. have a good, long, Skype call with his grandma.  ask her for hot hot HOT sex tips. you know what they say, it gets better w/ age

5. Burn his belongings but in a fun way! fire is hot!!!

6. pull out all of his hair bit by bit every day in unnoticeable amounts. He'll get wet over this. give it to him as an anniversary gift.

7. tell him you're saving yourself for death. Demise makes the dick rise ;)

8. kill him. as the knife comes closer he'll realize who he's had a big crush on since middle school (hint, it's you!)

Alright that's it! Trust us these tips work haha! They even worked for that fugly bitch Becky!


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